Rediscovering Your Passion

Practical inspiration to help you rediscover what lights you up

Want to supercharge your work and life?

Laura Best, founder of the women’s community, Passion Collective, is ready to help. And there is no better place than Glass House this informative workshop devoted to Rediscovering Your Passion; Practical Inspiration To Help You Rediscover What Lights You Up -- co-hosted by Erin Steckler of Old National Bank and Louise Schoenberger of Insperity. 

This workshop hosted by in the Holden Room at Glass House brought together a group of women business leaders to help them reconnect with their passions to gain renewed energy and fulfillment. With lessons and advice from Laura’s story of rediscovering her passion, attendees got the opportunity to reflect on their own journey while forging meaningful and supportive bonds with like-minded women. 

Holden Room

EVENT TYPE: Corporate, Networking, Leadership Event