Muse Connection & Creation

Created by HER, for you. 

June 2023 kicked-off with MUSE, a pop-up event for creators created by Irelynd Williams founder of HER.co. 

MUSE is a series of community centered events for photographers, models, influencers and anyone who loves to create. These events are centered around giving the creative community new inspiration with set designs installations curated by HER.co, and opportunities to network and collaborate. 

Glass House was honored to host the fifth MUSE event with a theme inspired by the elements: The Sun, The Sky, The Moon & The Earth. During the event, we opened up our Glenwood Lounge equipped with cocktails and NA cocktails as well as a dedicated space for creatives to lounge and network. 

Holden Room
Glenwood Lounge

Happening, Creative Pop-up, Networking


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