Welcome to the Root District

Glass House recently had the honor of hosting  the Urban Land Institute for a day of ideas and conversation about the progressing “Root District” in which we reside. 

Urban Land Institute (ULI) is one of the oldest and largest networks of cross-disciplinary real estate and land use experts dedicated to sharing their expertise to set standards of excellence in development practice. 

ULI launched the Net Zero Imperative —  a multi-year initiative that would partner with cities globally to accelerate decarbonization, and the Root District, Minneapolis is one of eight participating cities committed to working towards this goal.  

The focus of the  Root District is to shape the area towards a flexible net zero framework for community members, developers, city and county partners and policymakers. This work will set the tone for decision making related to climate impacts for the district. The goal will be to create a district approach to energy and water management, achieve a clear and measurable target on net zero, and develop a plan that will be scalable to infrastructure, master planning and individual developments of all types. 

As the Root District continues to grow, Glass House and Hennepin Made aim to be a catalyst for art, design, culture, and economic development in the district. We can work to lay a foundation of the values we are looking to exemplify. From artisan crafted design to empowering the community through bold new ideas and the people behind those ideas. We also want to leverage our resources for people and groups that our societal structures push to the margins and give them a place at the table.

Our primary goal is to not repeat the systems of racism that has existed in this district's past. Through the redevelopment of the Root District over the next 5-10 years will be our city's chance to intervene in the patterns that we have seen in urban areas across the United States. We have the chance to do things differently, and it will take the private, public, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors across the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County to work together to achieve the best outcome for all who reside here.

We are currently in the early stages of these initiatives. The group of leaders working on the vision for the Root District have their focus split between climate, equity, and creativity. Much of the work now being done is in the planning, research, and ideation phases. 

To learn more information about these developments, please visit the NuLoop Partners. We will be creating a Root District website as an archive of work and research that will launch by the end of the year.

Click here to learn more information about Urban Land Institute.