LAB Discovery FLOURISH Series

LAB MPLS is back @ Glass House with a dive deep into the mind, body and spirit through their new one-of-a-kind event series titled: Flourish.  

The discovery series was a curation of three events embracing discovery and development. In the first panel, LAB discussed ways to unearth a more authentic self that better aligns with your passions and strengths.

Moderated by Wit + Delight's Kate Arends, the audience heard from licensed therapists Dr. Anna Roth, Meredith Neumann of Scaling Within, and atmospherist Jason Berke of Warmhouse Story. They discussed navigating adversity and channeling their authenticity as the motivator for growth and fresh starts. 

After the panel discussion, LAB invited guest to the Glenwood Lounge for a co-working space with coffee sponsored by Acorn Coffee. 

LAB is a Minneapolis-based creative agency connecting businesses to their community through branding, design, collaborations, brand experiences & community events. LAB is influential in setting the bar for first-in-class engagement, design services, and creating memorable experiences by bringing inspring and relevant activations to audiences coupled with fresh design. 

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