The Bureau Artist in Residency

In a deeper effort to amplify voices in the Minneapolis community the Glass House is pleased to announce it’s very first artist in residency - The Bureau. 

Fall 2021 

“We are a study of virtue
amidst collective precocity.
We are the everlasting imagination,
in beauty and in marvel.” - Bobby Rogers/Creative Director 

The Bureau is a multidisciplinary creative media studio. We envision, create, and curate visual narratives to weave the thread of our collective histories. Art, as an expression of love, provides one of the few avenues in which the imagination can be completely unbound. As such, in an era of injustice, it must remain a totem of verity; one that demands an exercise of imagination and that envisions a future in which the principles of righteousness, morality, and the sanctity of human potential reign central.