Skntones M26: Official Launch

The official christening of an iconoclastic MPLS creative group hosted here @ Glass House

Skntones M26 Launch Party brought in and bonded a community of creatives, directors, influencers, and loyal followers. 



M26 marks Skntones kick off into a new era of creative culture to foster opportunity within their community. To focus their unique talent and resource in an effort to reshape part of the cultural dialog within their vision and world view: “for us, by us”. 

The event featured an exhibit of the brand’s first collection of merchandise consisting of a limited edition supply of new and classic silhouettes in celebration of the evolution and shared vision of the future for the Skntones brand, agency and their community. 


“As You Dream, We Create” 

 Skntones is a brand agency working to transform our culture and redefine creativity as we know it. 


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