Fitness by Musicians, for Musicians Musician’s Gym

Not feeling right in the yoga mom crowd? Flashbacks of the high school locker room got you down? 

Look no further......At Musician's Gym, helping artists prioritize their well being so they can elevate their craft.

We worked with Jourdan Myers (musician) to open up our Holden Room to artists of all backgrounds. Each class tailored to all fitness levels and focused on functional movement using minimal equipment to fortify our bodies for the daily demands of creative careers. 

At Musician’s Gym, you get to come as you are in THIS MOMENT, feel how you feel and work how you want to work with your body. We join together to move, not to impress anyone, and to live fully inside these amazing bodies

Musician’s Gym is a safe space, all about community and authenticity. 

About the Founder: Meet Jourdan 

Jourdan Myers has been a part of the Minneapolis music scene since 2010 and has performed and toured both as a solo artist and as a keys player for multiple projects. After a back injury in 2016 on tour with HALEY, she recognized how important functional fitness is to sustaining a career as physically demanding as artistry. She went on to become a barre instructor, and later a Personal Trainer. Jourdan has coached group fitness since 2018 and has since shifted to working exclusively with career artists so they can use their bodies to achieve their greatest potential as creative humans.